If you want to check for cancellations go to https://driverpracticaltest.direct.gov.uk/login You will have to log in to check if there any earlier dates available or you can go online and for a fee get a text alert to tell you of any available dates.

How do I check for Driving Test Cancellations?

There are loads and loads of questions on the internet about how to check for driving test cancellations, so we thought we'd take the time to put together some advice, and weigh up the different ways you can do it, as well as dispelling some myths about the process on the way.

Myth Number 1: There is a 'driving test cancellation' list, you can be put on, or search to let you get an earlier driving test:
Unfortunately, this is simply not true, (although it is in Ireland, maybe this is where the confusion comes from). There is no secret list that you need a special telephone number to access, nor is there a hidden part of the DSA website where all the cancellations are kept.

Myth Number 2: You can only find cancellations by ringing the DSA.
Again, not true. The DSA have told me that their telephone operators have access to exactly the same lists of tests that you see when using the DSA website. And as anyone who's tried to get through on their phone line will know, it can take take hours just to get to talk to anyone. If you do want to ring them though, you can do so on 0300 200 1122. It's also worth bearing in mind that if you need an extended retest, or are doing an upgrade from automatic to manual, you will not be able to change your test online, so will have to ring the DSA.

Checking yourself:
If you want to check for driving test cancellations manually, we think that the best way of doing it is using the DSA website. Log on here , enter your details, and then search for the closest date at your test centre. If nothing suitable shows up, try again. And again. And again. Cancellations do come up, but you have to be vigilant and quick if you want to change your driving test to a closer date. We've put some stats together on the best time of day, and best days to check for cancellations, so make sure you check around these times.

Getting us to check for you:

Well, of course we're going to say this is the best option, but let me tell you why...

  • Guaranteed, a driving test at a time and place you are happy with, or your money back. No catches, time limits, or small print (unlike all of our competitors).
  • No hassle. With our online driving test finder there is no software to download, just enter your details and we'll text and email you when dates come up, you just text/email back to book them.
  • Less than the price of a driving lesson. At under 20 quid, even if you only move your driving test a week earlier, you'll have saved yourself money.
  • No need to sit in front of the computer, or phone stressing out about finding a test, let us do the work, and you can get on with life